Group Canvas

Group Canvas Overview

Multiple customization area grouped together, visible at a single glance that makes easy for the end user to customize the views. Views grouped together and the canvas of each view displayed in a single view at different places in that view is termed as Group Canvas.

Example - Suppose a T-Shirt has a group called Front. This group comprises views like Left Chest, Right Chest. The name of the group can be defined as per the requirements based on the product. 

Note - The dimension of the images for all the views included in a group should be exactly the same. It should not vary.

One view can be used only once to create a group. Also, multiple views are necessary to create a group. A group cannot be created if the product has only one view.

Views Specification to Assign in Group Canvas

  1. Create all the required views, to group them as per the requirement.  
  2. The print area of the views to be included in a single group should have the same print and canvas ratio respectively.

Calculations to manage print and canvas scale ratio of the views.

  1. The ratio of Print Width to Canvas Width should be consistent for all views that are part of the same group. Below is an example on how to take out the print and canvas ratio.
    1. Left Chest Print Width = 270
    2. Left Chest Canvas Width = 279.546
    3. Divide Left Chest Print Width/Left Chest Canvas Width. i.e. 270/279.546=0.96
    4. Repeat the similar calculations for Right Chest as well. The remainder should come to 0.96.

Steps to Setup Group Canvas

  1. Enable Group Canvas advance feature from admin. (Refer the link to enable advance features).
  2. Enable Grouped Preview advance feature from admin as Group Canvas is dependent on Grouped Preview.  (Refer the link to enable advance features).
  3. Create the required views to add it in a group. Create Views as per the scale ratio of the print and canvas. (Refer the link to create a view).
  4. Group the Views as Group Canvas.
    1. Click on the Group Canvas menu from the left navigation.
    2. Click on the Add New button to assign the views in a group. Below screen will appear.
    3. Enter the Name and the Display Name.
    4. Click on the Save button on top right corner of the page.
    5. Assign Views button is activated as displayed in the below screen-shot.
    6. Click on the Assign Views button assign the views in a group. A popup will appear.
    7. Select the required view to add it in a group and click on the Update Assignment button. The selected views will be grouped together as shown below.
    8. Similarly, create another group. Below is the designer view of the group views as a group canvas.
      • Inconsistent Print and the Canvas Width and Height scale ratio will result into the misplacement of the canvas in the preview. 
      • Group Preview need to be enabled for the group canvas.

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