Imprint Color

Imprint Color

Navigate to: Admin  > Website > Settings > Advance Features  > Imprint Color

This is an advanced feature which allows you to set printing colors. The imprint color is the color of the ink used when putting an image (logo) or text on the product. This ink is loaded into the printer and pressed along the surface of the screen or pad to then be transferred to your product. Only a single color can be used for imprint color. When you add any number of text or image only one color will be added to the entire object i.e image and text.

In this example, Rabbit Image and Rabbit Text both has a yellow color set. If you change to any other color then automatically image and text both object color will change.

Steps to Assign Imprint Color from the Artifi Admin

To Assign Imprint Color, Attribute with key value as Hash Code and Color Attribute Set should be created.

  1. Click on Product Setup under Merchandise menu.
  2. Below screen will appear. Enter all the basic details of the product.
  3. Enter the Imprint Color Limit, after entering all other details the one that is highlighted in red box in below screen. Here you can enter number in Imprint Color.
  4. Select Color Attributes from dropdown the one that is highlighted in red box in below screen.
  5. Select the Color Attribute Set that you want to assign in this particular product.
  6. Click on Save button on top right corner of the page.

Example Imprint Color Workflow

  1. Open the product in Designer on website.
  2. Select Imprint Color.
  3. Add Image and Text Widget / Object on the designer.
  4. Below screen will appear. Both the image and text object will be in same color as Imprint Color is set to 1.

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