Placeholder Remove

Navigate to: Admin > Website > Edit Website > Settings > Advance Features > Placeholder Remove

This feature removes the placeholder image applied by the Artifi Administrator so that image would not reflect while printing. 

The details of the placeholder would not reflect in the XML and the placeholder image would not reflect in case of PDF, Preview, and Snapshot. 

How to Validate the Placeholder Remover Feature in the Artifi Admin

  1. Open the product image on the designer.
  2. Then add graphics. When you add graphics a placeholder will be displayed.
  3. Click on Snapshot. The placeholder will not be seen in the snapshot.
  4. Also click on the Add to Cart button. PDF will be generated in admin.
  5. Login to admin.
  6. Hover on the Report in top menus.
  7. Click on the PDF, Preview and View XML. Placeholder details won't appear in three of them.

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