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This is an advanced feature to determine the exact widget positions. Snapping feature helps to define the exact position of the widget like left, center, right and top, center and bottom.

Suppose there are four sections of the canvas which are divided by a grid. The Canvas area (Grey Color outline) by default is divided into two halves by horizontal and vertical invisible lines. The widget or object when brought near to the snapping area it gets attached to the nearest snapping area.

The following is a representation of a snap guide. The multiple horizontal or vertical lines can be added to form a grid                      Snapguide.png

Example Snapgrid Workflow

  1. Open the product image on the designer.
  2. Select or add the image or text object and move near to the snapping area.
  3. Objects will automatically get attached to the nearest snapping area as shown in the screen below.Snapgrid designer.png

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