Navigate to: Admin > Website > Edit Website > Settings > Advance Features > Crop

This is an advanced feature which allows the website user to crop the added image in the design by selecting the image. Crop features can be used when the toolbar is present in the advanced features. Both crop and toolbar are interdependent of each other.

Steps for Assigning the Crop Feature from the Artifi Admin

  1. After Assigning the advanced crop features. Go to the product view rule properties or directly to the image rule properties from rules and templates whichever place you want to define the advanced crop feature.
  2. Go to image rules and select Allow Crop option(s).
  3. Click on the Save button in the product view or on the image rule properties from rules and template section wherever you want to set this image rule.

Example Crop Workflow

  1. Open the product image on the designer.
  2. Select the image that you want to crop.
  3. The Toolbar will appear with the crop icon on it.Crop.png
  4. Click on the Crop icon. Below screen will appear.Cropopup.png
  5. Crop it according to your requirement and then click on the button.
  6. The image will be cropped and the cropped image will reflect in the design.

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