App Mode Reorder

Artifi offers a convenient feature for reordering existing designs. This can be accomplished through two distinct methods: utilizing the API or launching the designer in reorder mode. It's important to note that these two approaches serve different purposes.

When using the designer, users have the capability to make updates to their existing designs. On the other hand, when employing the API, users cannot directly modify the existing design; instead, Artifi generates an exact duplicate of the original provided design. The choice between these methods depends on the specific workflow within the e-commerce system in use.

Ultimately, the selection of the appropriate use case hinges on the particular requirements of the e-commerce system.

Here is a reference link with the parameters that are used to initialize Artifi.

An additional parameter “appMode” is required to reorder the customized product through app mode along with the initialized parameters.

appMode - The user can change the design. A new design id will be created. 

Example - The new design id will be generated through app mode where the user can change the cart design. Edit the Saved design by sending the below integration details to Artifi.initialize() function present in ArtifiIntegation.js .

var integrationDetails={  

        "productCode": "productCode",

          "websiteId": "11",

           "userId": "userID",

           "isGuest": "false",

           "designId": "designID",

           "webApiclientKey": "webApiClientKey",

           "appMode": "reorder",


After successful completion of Add to Cart in Artifi, you will receive the new Customize Design Id and appMode for a particular product.


API Mode Reorder - Here is a reference link for the API Mode Reorder.

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