Get Create Clipart

GET api/2.0/CreateClipart?websiteId={websiteId}&webApiClientKey={webApiClientKey}&clientCode={clientCode}&url={url}&clipartCode={clipartCode}

CreateClipart API is used to create new clipart with the help of clipart code and clipart url.

Request Information


websiteId (Required)

This is the website with which products and images are associated.

Admin user of Artifi can create one or more websites and assign products to each of the website.

The Id of the website with which clipart are associated should be specified in this parameter.

webApiClientKey (Required)    

When any company gets registered with Artifi, Artifi will generate a special and unique key for that company which will be called as client key.

This client key will be found in registered company's profile tab in Artifi Account.

This client key will be used for client(company) authentication and will be called as WebApiClientKey.

clientCode (Required)Client code is unique identity to identify the clipart family.
url (Required)Url contains the image url the user wants to add into clipart family.
userEmailAddress (Required)    This is the email address with which the user is logged in.

Response Information

Response body formats

application/json, text/json

On Success


   "Message": Clipart has been created successfully.,
   "Data": null           
   "ErrorCode": null

On Failure
On failure, this method will return the following response based on parameters.

If the webApiClientKey is passed as null or not provided, then it will give the response.
    "Response": "Error",
    "Message": "Web API client key is null.",
    "Data": null,
    "ErrorCode": "205"

If the Clipart code exists, then it will give the message.
    "Response": "Error",
    "Message": "Clipart code already exists.",
    "Data": null,
    "ErrorCode": "321"

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