Download the PDF files after the product print ready has been added to cart

GET Designer/Services/DownloadOutputFiles?customizedProductId={customizedProductId}&websiteId={websiteId}&webApiClientKey={webApiClientKey}&pdfType={pdfType}&productType={productType}&filePrefix={filePrefix}

This API would download PDF files of customized product. A zip file is downloaded when there are both Proof and Plate PDF.

The files are generated after some time when the product has been added to cart(which is print ready).

Two types of PDFs (proof and plate) generated if setting has been done regarding the proof PDF.

Request Information


customizedProductIdThis will be the Id of of the customized product(generated after carting of product).

This is the website created in Artifi account by your e-commerce website, with which user is associated

Admin user of Artifi can create one or more websites and assign products to each of the website. The Id of the website with which user is associated should be specified in this parameter.


When any company gets registered with Artifi, Artifi will generate a special and unique key for that company which will be called as client key.

This client key will be found in registered company's profile tab in Artifi Account. This client key will be used for client(company) authentication and will be called as WebApiClientKey.

pdfType [Optional]

This is optional parameter[Proof/Print].

If this parameter is not passed than all the PDF files will be downloaded related to customizedProductId. If 'Proof' is passed then only proof PDF will be downloaded. If 'Plate' is passed then only print PDF will be downloaded.

productType [Optional]    

This is optional parameter[3D] (applicable to 3D product only).

If this parameter is not passed than both PDF file of 2D and 3D view will be downloaded. If '3D' is passed then PDF file of 3D view will be downloaded.

filePrefix [Optional]

This is an optional parameter[filePrefix] which is to be used when the required Design Id is to be saved with some prefix.

When value in the parameter is passed over to Artifi, the design returned will have the prefix appended in the output. In case of no value in the parameter, the Artifi Design Id is returned as is in the current implementation.

Response Information

Response body formats

On Success

PDF file will be downloaded. In case of both Proof and Plate PDF, a zip file will be downloaded.

On Error

Error messages :

"Your customized product id is not valid."(when customizedProductID doesn't exists).
"Product is not print ready."(when product that has been carted is not print ready).
"You entered pdf type is not valid."(when passed parameter other than ['Plate','Proof'] in pdfType).
"Your PDF is not created , Please try after some time."(PDF is yet to be generate of requested customizedProductId).

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