Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Will PDF be a layered vector PDF?

A: PDF will have each element (text/clipart/photos) as separate object/layer (Not a flattened Image). It will be a Vector text having clipart/images as bitmap objects.

Q2: Will PDF be a CMYK (Separated) layered PDF?

A: PDF wouldn't have separate layers of each CMYK color. Rather it will have layers of each element (text/clipart/photos)

Q3. What’s Print Specification Sheet (XML)?

A. It’s different from Print Ready PDF, specification sheet will be XML-based textual information of order and design. Here’s a link to sample XML.

Q4. The time required for PDF delivery?

A. PDF is generated on demand as soon as the API call is sent to Artifi.

Q5. Will the PDF have crop marks, trim marks, and other printing guidelines?

A. Currently, we do not include crop marks, but can be included in future releases.

Q6. Why PDF is not getting downloaded or Why is the pdf link not shown in the order section?

A. Check if the "Print Ready" checkbox is selected in Basic Details of the product.

Q7. Why are the PDF and XML not displaying in Artifi admin?

A. If there is more than one division, try checking it in all divisions. Still, the PDF and XML are not displaying reach out to Artifi support for more help.

Q8. Why the templates are not visible on the designer?

A. When the views are created without the templates.

B. If there is a single template, in that case, the templates are not shown on the designer.

C. If the variant views are customized and multiple templates are not assigned to variant views.

Q9. What is the character limit of the design it?

A. Design ID can go up to 32 characters.

Q10. How to Modify captions from admin?

A. Please find the link to Modify Caption to understand how to modify captions from Admin.

Q11. What are the extensions that can be used as print images?

A. The print image extension can be in .PDF, .SVG, .AI., or .EPS format.

Q12. What are the product images resolutions that are used in Artifi?

A. 72 DPI, 90 DPI, and 300 DPI

Q13. What are output settings that can be configured in Artifi?

A. Please find the Output Settings to understand what all output settings can be configured in Artifi.

Q14. How can you resolve the overlapping text issue?

A. Go to Merchandise >> Rules >> Edit Text Rules >> Text Properties Details >> Text line Height. As per the description given in the Text Line Height column in a Tabular format in Text property details increase the line of text height.

Q15. How to whitelist IPs And Domains in Artifi?

A. Whenever the client adds a new server and/or domains, the client needs to whitelist those IPs and/or domains at the website section in the Artifi Admin. Here are the Guidelines on how to whitelist IPs And Domains in Artifi.

Q16. Why the given web API details cannot connect to Artifi?

A. There can be Two reasons for the same.

1. The APIs and Domain might not be Whitelisted.

2. Please check the proper instances of the provided Web API details.

Q17. Do we have the ability to show the drop-down instead of Swatches?

A. Do not add Swatches in Attribute values while creating the attribute. If the Swatches are already added while creating the attribute then remove the swatches from Attribute values. You will start seeing the drop-down on the designer attribute. For more details see Add Values.

Q18. Why templates are not showing in drop-down while assigning template and monogram templates?

A. To see the template/ monogram template in the dropdown the image should be larger than the print area or the print area should be smaller than the Image. If the print area is greater than the image then it won't appear in the list.

To see the template in the list the image dimensions need to be increased or the print area should be decreased.

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