Adding Attribute Values

Navigate to: Merchandise > Attribute > Values

Steps to Add Attribute Values

  1. On saving the attribute details value fields will appear as shown below.   
  2. Enter all the details and click on the "Save" button, value will be added and another row to add value will start showing below the added value.

         3. Save progress using the "Save" button on each row of the attribute value.

         4. Another row will appear to add another value. In a similar way, any number of values can be added to an attribute.

Note: For each row admin users need to hit the “Save” button to reflect the changes.

Attribute Value Property Details

Attribute Value Properties
Attribute ValueValue name which is displayed on the designer.
CodeThis code is mandatory if this value is used for color imprint color, color detection or Artifi colorization. This code can also be used for pricing.
Key ValueHex Code is used to change the color of the product when we use 2D colorization in Artifi.Also, this can be used for the valiant swatch images. When we change the product variant this is the value that the user hits on the designer to change the product attribute and one of its combinations.
Help TextThis is the help text of the value or the key value if you want to enter the information for the help in the future.
Display OrderSequence in which values will be displayed on the designer.
Display NameThis is the display name of the attribute values. Suppose value is White#ffffff then the Display name can be White.
UploadSwatch image of the  Swatch image of the values which is displayed on the designer. The dropdown will appear if the swatch is missing. Swatch image width and height can be of 100px x 100px respectively.

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