Product Preview Call

Call to preview personalized product:

Artifi.PreviewPopUp(productCode, websiteId, userId, width, height, designId, sku, webApiclientKey, extraQueryString, cartQueryString)

  • sku_call – product SKU ( in case of configurable product, its configurable product’s SKU)
  • website_id – website id set from Admin settings provided by Artifi engine
  • userId_call – User/customer Id (in case of a guest, guest session id)
  • containerId – Id for the container (div) where Artifi Product will be a load.
  • designId_call – design Id (if the personalized product is in editing mode)
  • webApiclientKey – web API client key set from Admin settings provided by Artifi engine.
  • height – Height of Container
  • width – Width of container


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