Install Artifi Personalize Module

Installing the Arti Module is easy as the default extension we are installing using the extension installer. In the folder of Artifi Personalize Module, you will get all folders. You have to just copy that folder to the default structure.

Module support with Open cart versions,,,,,, PHP 5.3 or higher, and MySQL 5 or higher.

  • Note - Please do not try to access the personalize functionality before setup as the steps provided by Artifi team. Also, take the backup files of the project & database as well.

Steps to Install the Artifi Personalize Module

The following steps will instruct you to install the Artifi Personalize module.

  • Step 1: Download with the opencart version from the given Google drive link on your computer.
  • Step 2: Unzip the file and find the file name Artifi_Opencart_Module of the folder.
  • Step 3: Find the file personalize_option.ocmod and install through extension installer from an admin of your site.solid black circle

After successfully install the script, you can see the Artifi Personalize option listed in the list. After all, a process is done, you have to click on the refresh button to get clear the cache of a module.

solid black circle

  • Step 5: Open the folder and upload the admin and catalog folder to your server (folder of your site).

Artifi_Personalize Module Technical Specification

For integrating Artifi with OpenCart, we have created the Artifi OpenCart Module.

Personalization Popup

Popup appears on click of personalizing button. Here customization/personalization will take place using artifi engine. The initial call is set within this template where open cart calls/requests product personalization to artifi server. After customization is done, all product information is collected from the Artifi engine and added as product or quote item options to ordered product items. The design information is saved to the artifi_personalize database table also. Same applies when any Personalized product is in Edit state.

Preview Personalized Product

Conditions are applied at template level so that wherever there is need to preview personalized product, opencart initialize a call to artifi server with some basic details related to a product like design id, website id so that artifi engine will identify product and will provide the product preview for the same.

All file structure and technical specifications are listed below:


  • Artifi_personalize.php Contain all configuration setting code for Artifi Personalize Module setting and initial setup for a module.


  • Personalize_admin.phpContain the code with installing database-related queries.


  • Artifi_personalize.tpl html content for admin form settings. 


  • Artifi_personalize.php Contain labels for personalize module. 


  • Personalizepage.php - Contain php classes for loading personalize iframe, add to cart functionality and update userID call.


  • Personalizesetting.php database-related query for adding, updating and getting data of personalized. 


  • Personalizepage.tpl html contains for loading iFrame on product page. 

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