Artifi Module Settings

The default name will be as per Artifi Connector Settings. If you want to rename it you can update the name as per your choice.

The below fields need to be set up for Artifi authorization. All those data will be provided by the Artifi team or you can get these credentials from Artifi Admin.

Artifi module setting Status should be Enabled otherwise Artifi functionality will not work.

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Below is the description of each setting:

  • Module Name: Name of the Module.
  • Website Code: Website code of your website added in Artifi admin.
  • WebAPI Client Key: Client key authorization of Artifi client of the project.
  • Rest API Base URL: Rest API use for the calling API for Artifi admin data.
  • Artifi JS URL: Artifi JS for initializing personalize iFrame.
  • Update User API: Calling API for update userID in Artifi Admin.
  • Design PDF API: API for downloading pdf of personalized images.
  • Design XML API: API for downloading the Personalize data using XML.
  • Status: This is a very important field for the module it should be saved as “enable”.

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