Set Global Settings

Navigate To: Merchandise > Product Setup > Views > Start Artification > Global Setting

Steps to Set Global Rule using Global Settings 

The rule which is assigned in the Global Settings is called a global rule. If the global rule is assigned, the user can add a number of graphics in the design area i.e. canvas area.

  1. If template type is selected as mixed then Global Setting button will be available if not individual widgets rules need to be defined by adding the widget.Global-Settings.png
  2. Click on the Global Setting button. When you select Global Setting Below screen will appear to set the properties of text and image.
  3. Once you click on the Global Setting button below screen will appear.Globaltext.png
  4. Select Allow Text checkbox below screen will appear to set the properties.Globaltext.png
  5. Set all the text rules as done while adding text rules to create a private rule or assign the rules which is created in the rule section
  6. Similarly you can set the global images and circle text from the next tab after a click on the Global Settings button.

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