Adding Overlay

Navigate To: Merchandise > Product Setup > Define Views > Mask > Mask Properties Type 

Steps to Add an Overlay

1. In view Artification mode while adding a widget there is a Mask Properties tab to add a mask.

Overlay upload.png

2. Click on the Mask Properties tab highlighted in red.

3. In the right panel Mask Properties with the mask type will open.

4. Select the mask type that you want to apply as a mask.

Mask Property Type Details

Mask  Property Type
NoneIf none is selected then there will be no mask added on the product design workspace.
CircleIf the circle is selected then the masking effect will be in a circular shape.
Overlay Overlay images have a transparent area which will overlay the main product image and customization will be shown only in the transparent area.

Steps to Add a Mask

  1.  Click on the mask properties button.
  2. In the right panel select the properties from the dropdown that you want to apply.
  3. There are options to set the radius, X (left position) and Y (top position) of the circle. These settings are present for all the other masks types as well.
  4.  If a circle is added then you can only add, edit and delete inside the circle only. You cannot add any widget / object outside the circle.
    • Circle : If circle is selected then the masking effect will be in a circle shape 
    • For Example: if you see in below screen widget / object blue corners can be seen outside the circle but the image is inside the circle and the area that is scale outside the circle is not visible.


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