Google Analytics 4 (GA4) Setup

Create an account in Google Analytics 4

  1. Create a google analytics account first from the link (

  2. Enter all the details like Account name, country details etc.

  3. Enter the container name for your account, which contains all the tracking details.

  4. Select the target platform for which we are creating the account like web, iOS, Android etc

  5. After entering all the details click on create to proceed.

Steps to Integrate with Artifi

  1. Once the setup is done for a particular google analytics account a script or a tracking code is made available.

  2. This tracking code is also available by clicking on the Google Analytics home screen.

  3. Click on the ID and you will get the script in the pop window.

  4. Then you need to add this tracking code(or script) into the Artifi’s admin section in the Analytics settings page of Artifi website (as shown in the following snippet):

Create a GA 4 Property & Data Stream

  1. To create a new Google Analytics 4 property go to the Admin section of your Google Analytics interface (by clicking the Admin at the bottom-left corner) and then (in the Property section) click Create Property.
  2. Then enter the name of your property. It might be the name of your website, of your company, a brand, etc. Choose your company’s country, reporting time zone, and the main currency that your business operates.
  3. The next step to complete is to configure your first data stream. It is a data source from which events will be sent to your Google Analytics 4 property.
  4. When you create a data stream (web), you will see a Measurement ID. Copy it. We’ll need to use it in Google Tag Manager.

Create a Google Analytics 4 Tag

  1. Crate GA configuration tag from WORKSPACE > TAG > New Tag.
  2.  In Tag configuration select Google Analytics: GA4 Configuration in tag type and enter the Measurement ID which we have created.
  3.  Give the proper name to the tag and save Tag details.

Create a Google Analytics 4 Trigger/Event

  1. To create the GA4 trigger go to WORKSPACE > TAG > New
  2. Select the trigger type from the list and enter the condition when you want to trigger.
  3. Also select the tag from the list from the window which you want to call on this particular trigger.
  4. Enter the proper name for the trigger and save.

Create a Google Analytics 4 Custom Event

  1. To create the GA4 trigger go to WORKSPACE > TAG > New
  2. Select the Custom Event  trigger type from the list.
  3. Enter the proper event name and when to fire the trigger condition.
  4. Also, select the tag from the list which you want to call on this particular custom event.

Google Analytics in Debug Mode

  1. To Preview the details of the application we need to open the application URL in debug mode.
  2. To open debug mode from the home screen click on the preview button.
  3.  Then the preview mode window will open in the new browser tab.
  4. Enter application URL in input box and click on connect to open link debug mode.
  5. Application will open with a Tag assist popup in the bottom right of the screen.
  6. After performing some action the triggered event and tag will appear in the debug window.

Google Analytics 4 Realtime Reports

  1. To check the real time report go to google analytics home > reports section > Realtime.
  2.  You can also create custom report of triggered event from GA home > Explore > Free form.

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