How and where to add the script in admin?

  1. Login to admin with your credentials.
  2. Click on the Website.
  3. Go to Websites > Settings > Analytics Settings.
  4. Analytics Settings window will appear. As shown below :
  5. Check the checkbox of Enable Analytics and the respective text boxes for Analytics Header Script, Analytics Body Script and Analytics Footer Script will appear as shown below :
  6. Add your script in these text boxes as per your requirement and click save to save these scripts.

Where to add the scripts?

To integrate our designer with the GA account we need to add a script, also we need to add another script for integration with tag manager which is useful for easy event triggers.

  • When we create an account in the GA a tracking code is provided having a unique tracking ID in it. This tracking ID is nothing but a script. Copy and paste the entire script or tracking code into the Analytics Header Script text box.
  • We also get a script from Google tag manager which also needs to be appended for integration with designers. We get two scripts in the tag manager. We will have to append the head script of GTM in the analytics Header Script text box just beneath the GA script. In order to do that just copy and paste the head script in the Analytics Header Script text box. As also copy and paste the body script in the Analytics Body Script text box.

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