Uploading Print Image

Navigate to: Merchandise > Clipart > "Clipart Images Link" Action > "Print Image Link" Action

Steps to Upload a Print Image

  1. Select Print Image link.solid black circle
  2. A pop will appear to upload an image.solid black circle
  3. In pop up there are 3 options.
  • Upload: The print image from the computer can be uploaded.
  • URL: You can enter the URL of the images.
  • No Image: If you want to remove the uploaded image or the url then you can select no image.

       4. Select Upload radio button. Click on the upload button. A pop up will appear. Go to the folder where you have kept                 the print images.

        solid black circle

       5. Select the image from the folder and click on the open button. Print Image will be added.

             solid black circle


     6.  Click on the save button. A confirmation message will be shown and the Print Image will now be updated. 

solid black circle




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