Clipart Overview

Clipart are the images that are used while creating a design and providing to the website used for their use if they want to use the clipart images that admin has provided other than the default image on design.Cliparts added here reflects in the images rules in clipart family.

  • There are different types of clipart extensions that can be uploaded here like .png, .jpg, and .emb (specific to embroidery)..
  • In the print file users can upload the clipart with extensions like .pdf, .eps, .svg, .ai and .dst (specific to embroidery). These are the vector files that can be uploaded as a print image.
  • This clipart is also used while creating a default design through admin.
  • Cliparts are added in design through the image rules section. Cliparts reflect in rules while adding an image in design.
  • Cliparts are categorized, you can select the clipart family and cliparts that you want to display in front designer on your website.
  • You can add a display image and print image from this section.
  • Display an image which is an image to show in the front designer of your website instead of the original clipart that is added in admin.
  • Print Image is a high-resolution image that is for printing purpose that can be uploaded in this section along with the preview clipart.

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