Adding Clipart

Navigate to: Merchandise > Clipart > "Clipart Images" Link Action > "Add New" Action > "Add Clipart" Action

Steps to Add Clipart

  1. Hover on Merchandise, from the top menu bar in admin.
  2. Choose Cliparts sub menu under Merchandise Menu.solid black circle
  3. A list of clipart family will appear.
  4. Click on Clipart Images from Manage column.solid black circle
  5. Another page will appear. Click on the "Add New" button and a popup will appear.solid black circle
  6. Pop up will appear to add images.
  7. Click on the Add Clipart button.
  8. Choose the folder in which clipart images are kept.solid black circle
  9. Select the images from the folder and click on the Open button. It will be added to the list of Add New Clipart dialogue boxes as shown below.
  10. Click on the Start upload button. Clipart images will be uploaded and will be added in a particular clipart family and this clipart can be used while adding an image in design on view while creating product view.solid black circle
  11. There are three types of images that can be uploaded here.


Preview Images:

These are the images only to view which is shown in the browser. Users can only view these images.

Print Images:

These are the images which are used for printing purposes. High-resolution images are used. This can be uploaded at the time Clipart is added or it can be uploaded later on after adding all the preview images

Display Images:

These are the images used to display against the clipart images in the admin.

  • Note: After a Clipart is added, the fields for Name, Code, Display Order can be updated. On updation, it will have a direct effect on the product rules on which it is used.
  • Note: After a Clipart is Added, the fields for Display Image and Print Image can be updated. On updation of the display and print image, it will have a direct effect on the rules of the product on which it is used.

Clipart Field Details

Field Name

Field Descriptions
Display Name

This is the Name of clipart which is displayed in front designer.

Example:- If the image display name is American Flag then this will be displayed in the font designer.

Enter CodeThis code is used for price integration with the e-commerce website. If you want to apply
Display OrderThis is for ordering the clipart in which order it will reflect in the front designer.
Display Image

This is the link from where you can upload the display image.

This is the display image which is uploaded to show in the front designer of your website instead of the original clipart added in admin.

Print Image

You can upload print image from this link, which will be used for the printing

purpose and this image should be in high resolution.

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