Artifi_Personalization Module


Consist of custom module files

  • Api - Contains any PHP classes exposed to the API.
  • Block - Contains PHP view classes as part of Model View Controller(MVC) vertical implementation of module logic.
  • Controller - Contains PHP controller classes as part of MVC vertical implementation of module logic. Controllers added by module are for Add, Edit Cart Item, Invoking Personalization Editor Etc.
  • CustomerData - Contains LastOrderedItems class overriding default Magento class.
  • etc - Contains configuration files.
  • Helper - Contains Helper classes.
  • Model - Contains PHP model classes as part of MVC vertical implementation of module logic.
  • Observer - Contains all observer classes. There are three event observers added by the module on below three events. These are added to sync design id with order item or wishlist item.




  • Plugin - Contains any needed plug-ins. For Ex. for below purposes

       -Add custom option information to the product.

       -Product Validation for personalization requirements.

       -Convert order item to quote item with modifying its design data

  • Setup - Contains classes for module database structure and data setup which are invoked when installing or upgrading.
  • View - Contains view files, including static view files, design templates, email templates, and layout files.
  • registration.php - Module registration file.

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