Frontend App Functionality

Product Detail Page

Personalize button is added for the products, which are set to be personalized form the admin.


Personalize Page

The user is redirected to the Personalization page when they click on the Personalize button from the product detail page.

Here, the user can personalize the product using the Artifi personalization tool. This page is added by Artifi App during installation. Store admin can view this page from Admin (Online Store -> Pages).


Price API Integration

The price displayed on the right side of the personalization window ( see above screenshot ), is fetched via price API. Below is the URL which needs to be set on Artifi for the price API to work.

Get Price API

This needs to be added in the Artifi admin section where we can whitelist the IPs and domains.

Web Api Accessible Domain / IP  =

Price Integration URL =

Make sure the domain should be whitelisted in the Artifi admin section to display the price.

This is a reference document on how to call the price for Artifi. You might need to change your environment.

Cart Page

Artifi App adds preview and edit links for the personalized products in the cart. The user can preview personalized products by clicking on the preview button and edit personalized designs by clicking on the edit link.


Order Detail Page

The Preview, Edit & Reorder links are added by the app on the order detail page. Edit & Reorder links can be used to reorder the item with a personalized design in a previous order. The user can edit this design as well.


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