Introduction to Shopify

This article describes Artifi's Product Personalization Shopify app installation, configuration, and usage for Shopify store administrators. This article describes all of the required front-end theme and admin changes made by the Artifi app to the Shopify store.

Important - Before Installation

Before Installing the Product Personalization Shopify app, the Shopify administrator must check if any %schema% is present in any of the below pages. If any %schema% is present, the Shopify administrator will need to remove the %schema%  before installation. After installation, the removed %schema% can be returned.

  • product-template.liquid

  • product.liquid

  • cart-template.liquid

  • cart.liquid

  • theme.liquid

  • page.liquid

  • display-price-artifi.liquid (For Price API)

  • customers/order.liquid

Overview of the Required Changes

1) Install Artifi

The Product Personalization Shopify app can be installed using the below URL where <shop-domain> is your Shopify Store domain:


Use the "Install app" button to authorize and proceed with installation of the Product Personalization Shopify app. Once the "Install app" button is used, the page will redirect to the app website to install the app on the Shopify store. Once the app is installed, the below screen will appear and redirect to the .


2) Artifi App Settings

The Shopify store administrator must configure the Artifi App Settings from the Product Personalization App Admin page to enable the Artifi App on the Shopify store.


A description of each Artifi App Setting:

Website ID
Whitelisted Website's Website ID. Found in the Artifi Admin.
WebAPI Client Key
Web API client key provided by Artifi. Found in the Artifi Admin.
Artifi's dependent Javascript URL provided by Artifi
Caption For Personalize Button
Changes the button label displayed to the shopper on the Product Detail Page button to initialize Artifi designer.
Caption for Add To Cart Button
Changes the button label displayed to the shopper on the Product Detail Page "Add to Cart" button.

3)Manage Product Settings

Shopify products are not enabled by default to be personalized. To enable products to be personalizable with Artifi, the Shopify administrator will need to configure the details from the Manage Products tab in the Artifi App Admin.


Below are the actions that the store admin can perform:

Set Artifi SkuThe Artifi Sku is equal to either:
  1. Shopify variant ID for the product variant
  2. Shopify product ID for the parent product.


  • Input type allows any string value.
  • Artifi Sku can be added/updated 
  • Each Artifi Sku must be unique across all Artifi products and variants
Set product as Non-Artifi ProductProduct will not allow personalization by Artifi. Can be used to disable/turn off personalization capability on a Shopify product.
Set product as Artifi Product With Mandatory Personalization
Mandatory Personalization with Artifi. Shows only the "Personalize" CTA on PDP page.
Set product as Artifi Product With Optional Personalization
Personalization is optional. Shows both "Add to Cart" and "Personalize" CTA on PDP page.

Extra: Managing App Code with Update Theme

The Artifi App updates only your current store with the Product Personalization Shopify app code.

If you change the store theme after Artifi Product Personalization app installation, the Shopify administrator will need to follow the below steps to update your new store theme with the Product Personalization Shopify app code.

  • Go to "Update Theme" tab
  • Select your current theme
  • Click "Update" button.
  • After updating is complete, go to the Artifi App Settings tab and save the Artifi Settings again.


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