Adding 3D Products

Navigate To: Merchandise > Product Setup > Basic Details


Steps to Add a 3D Product

1.  Hover on Merchandise, from the top menu bar in admin.


2. Choose the Product Setup sub menu under Merchandise Menu.

3. A list of products will appear. Click on the Add New button. 


4. Below screen will appear. Fill all the information and select product type as advance and then click on the “Save” button.

5. After entering all the details click on the Save button on the right top corner of the page.

6. After saving a message will be displayed as

3D Product Basic Details

Field Name

Field Descriptions

Product Name
This is the name of the product.


Draft: - Draft means it is kept in a draft mode and it will not show in front designer

page for the website user.

Inactive: - This product was already published but now it’s made in an inactive status so that it will not be available in the front designer page for the website user.

Publish :- This status means this product is available in the front designer page for the website user.

Product Image

This is the base image of the product on which design will be done.

Product Description

This is the product details that will be displayed in front designer for website use

Canvas Selection

This is the area in which designing is done. If this option is given then Canvas area.


will appear as a dotted line in front application on the product. For this there is an additional setting in the website layout where the caption for canvas area should be on.

On selection of the Canvas Selection area there are 3 options that will appear.

Allow User Selection :- If this is selected then in front designer there will be a check box to show and hide the canvas area.

Show Canvas Area Dimensions  :- If this is selected then canvas area dimensions will be displayed.

Canvas Area Caption :- Whatever captions that you enter in this text box that will appear in front designer of website.

Show All Attributes For SKU

If this option is checked then when website user launch the product then all the

variants / attributes will appear. If this is not checked then only the attribute from which the user has launched that will appear. For Example. If the diary has more than one color, if this option is on then all the colors will appear if the website user launches the product with any color. If this is off then only that color will appear from which the user has opened the product on the website.

Product Code

This is the Master SKU of the product.

Select Product Type

Basic or Advance

Basic: - This is used for 2D products.

Advance: - This is used for 3D Products. If Advance is selected then 2 Editor will appear

Select Editor Type :-

2D Editor :- This will show the editor in 2D. This is used when customization needs to be done on a flat surface.

3D Editor :- This will show the editor in 3D. This is used when there is any type of curve details required or 3D products are present.

Additional Features

Print Ready: - This is used for printing purposes.

Design Note :- This is used for the user note which user can enter after creating a design in the front application

Print Feature

This feature appears when the Print Ready option is selected.

Include Product Image: - If this is selected then product will be included in PDF to show exact area of printing. This is only for reference that the design that is created is at the proper place.

On selection of a print feature, print area text boxes will appear to enter the details of the print area.

Print Output

There are two types of print output CMYK and RGB. These are used for printing purposes.

Imprint Color Limit

This is used for printing purposes. This tells how many colors need to be used while printing.

Custom Attribute Set

This is not related to SKU. This custom attribute set is displayed here that has been created while creating a custom attribute set.


Select the category in which this product will be displayed. The category is displayed if that category is created from the Category section.

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