Adding Variants

Navigate To: Merchandise > Product Setup > Define Variants > “Add New” Action

Steps to Add Variants

1. Click on Define Variants in left Navigation while doing Product Setup.

Define Variants.png

2. Click on the Add New button highlighted above. Below screen will appear.

3. Search for the Attribute Set Name in the Search bar and hit the Search button in yellow. Attribute Set will appear as shown above as a radio button and the "Continue" button will get activated.

4. Click on the Continue button on top right corner of the page. 

5. A pop up will appear. Click on the OK button.

Variant Popup.png

6. Select the checkbox to select all to enter the variant details as shown in below screenshot.

 Variant Entry.png

7. After adding the details click on the Save button on the top right corner of the page.

8. . After saving a message will be displayed and variants will be added.

Variant Details

Variant CodeEnter the variant code. This is the SKU of the particular variant.
DefaultSelect default radio button so that while loading the product on the front designer on the website, it will load with a default variant of the product.
Upload ImageUpload the image of the variant against each of them

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