Editing Template

Navigate To: Merchandise > Templates > Click on the Template Name

Templates can be updated. Updating the templates will directly reflect the product on which the respective template is used. The print area and the canvas area can also be updated, however, the text and image that are added to the canvas area will be resized automatically upon changing the values. It will adjust as per the new values. If the print or canvas is increased the text and image size will also increase proportionately and vice versa.

Note: On uploading a new product image, the print and canvas area will change, it needs to be reset again. 

Steps to Edit Template

1. Hover on Merchandise, from the top menu bar in admin.


2. Choose the Templates sub-menu under the Merchandise Menu.

3. Below screen with the list of templates will appear.


4. Click on the template name to open the template in edit mode. Below screen will appear. 

5. Update the details.

6. After you have made the changes click on the Save button on the top right corner of the page. After saving a confirmation message.

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