Assigning Clipart in Image Rule

Navigate To: Merchandise > Rules

Steps to Assign Clipart in an Image Rule

1. Click on the Edit button of an image Rule to assign cliparts:


2. Select "Allow Clipart", and click on gear icon to assign cliparts as shown below:


3. After clicking on the gear icon, select the clipart family and cliparts from the below popup.

Note: The clipart can be selected for embroidery and for non-embroidery deco methods. Depending on which deco method, the image rule is being created. 

3.1 Embroidery Clipart Selection - The image rule created for deco method embroidery will have the EMB identification on the left top corner of the clipart. These EMB and DST clipart extension files that show up here are uploaded in the clipart section. 3.2 Non-Embroidery Clipart Selection - The image rule created for the deco method like screenprint, laser, and heat transfer. The cliparts uploaded with the extensions .jpg, .jpeg, and .png in the clipart section appear to hear in the below pop-up. These are easily identified as it does not have EMB denoted on the top left corner of the clipart as it is on the above screenshot.

4. Once the cliparts are selected click on the Done button.

5. Click on the Save button to save the rule, so the above changes are intact with the image rule.

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