Image Rule Overview

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Image rules are used to define the image properties that a website user will get in front i.e. the designer to use it.

Default Decoration Image Rule

This rule will allow the user to set the rule for screen print and embroidery.

Embroidery Decoration Image Rule

 This is the rule which is created only for embroidery. This is enabled at the request of the customer if required. To support this rule in the layout, the layout needs to be created as per the embroidery subscription or the layout needs to be modified later on if the user wants to include the embroidery in their layout.

  • Image rules can be updated. On updating of image rules, it will have a direct effect and will reflect on the product to which the image rules are applied.
  • Image rules can be deleted if the image rule is not associated with any product views and templates.
  • Image rules cannot be deleted if the image rule is associated with the product views and template. To delete image rule the association with the product views and templates need to be removed.

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