Adding Image Rule

Navigate: Merchandise > Rules > “Add New” Action 

Steps to Add an Image Rule

1. Hover on Merchandise, from the top menu bar in admin. Choose the Rule sub-menu under Merchandise Menu.


2. Click on the Add New button.


3. Below screen will appear.


Rule Basic Details

Property Name


The rules Name is for identification of the rule for easy search and identity.
Rule Type

There are three types of rule

1. Image:- This is an image property. On selecting Image all the properties related to the image will appear.

2. Textbox:- This is the text property. On selecting the textbox all the properties related to text will appear.

3. Arc Text:- This is an arc text property. On selecting arc text all the properties related to text will appear. This is not supported by the embroidery rule. So if the embroidery checkbox is selected Arc Text rule type will not appear.


This is the description of the rule created for an easy understanding of why this rule is being created.


This code can be added if there is any custom development that is done. This is an optional field.

Apply as Default

Selecting this checkbox will be directly applied to the text widget without even assigning the rules.

5. Select the "Rule Type", to set up the rules as Image, Textbox, or Arc Text rule. In the below screen, the rule type is selected as Image.

6. On selection of the Rule Type - Image, Image rule properties can be set up. Follow this link for a detailed description of each property.

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