Administration and Product Setup

Configuring Artifi Product in BIGCOMMERCE - Linking with Artifi Engine

Add Product in BigCommerce

Login to the Admin Panel and go to Product -> ADD product. While adding the new product, the 'product code/SKU' name must be the same as the ‘product-code’ used in the Artifi admin while making the product in Artifi. Following images demonstrate how to Add products in bigcommerce and Artifi Admin.


Add Product in Artifi


  • Note: Bigcommerce integrates Artifi with the help of this 'product-code/sku' field.

Create Options Set

To create an Options set Go to Products -> Product Options. First, create the option and then form an option set for that option.

We used Options set as a text field for saving data received from the artifi design after clicking on the add to cart button. These options set the text field to be hidden in the product view page. Designed data received from the artifi is then submitted to a cart.php page for further use.

Following images demonstrate how to create options and options set while making a new product. 

View product.jpg



Assign these options set to each of the products in the store.

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