Adding a Website

Navigate to: Admin > Website > “Add New” Action > Basic Details

Steps to Add a Website:

1. Hover on Admin menu, from the top menu bar in the Artifi admin.

2. Choose the sub menu Website under admin Menu.

3. Click on the Add New button.


4. Below screen will appear. Enter complete details.

5. After entering the details Click on "Save" button.

6. The website will be added and a message will appear as a Website has been added successfully.

Following are the explanations for each of the fields on the Basic Details page.

Adding a Website Details:

Website NameThis identifies the website name in which products can be assigned.
Website URLThis is an E-commerce URL.
Image Dots Per InchThe application can validate that an image is not scaled beyond the dpi mentioned here. In the Artifi world, this is called an Error Logger where a warning is shown to the users mentioning that the image has been over-scaled.
Website Email IdThis email will be triggered whenever a "Request a Quote" functionality is used.

Active: Products assigned will be visible to this particular website.

Inactive: Products assigned will not be visible to this particular website.

Domain & Price Details

Web API Accessible Domain/IP or IP Range: Following are the IPs present in the dropdown.

  1. Domain/IP - By default, the Domain/IP will be selected from the dropdown. Admin users can add the Domain/IP that needs to be whitelisted in the column Web  Web API Accessible Domain/IP or IP Range against the selected Domain/IP row. These domains/IPs are used to authenticate where Artifi can be accessed. Example - or IP address can be added by selecting the Domain/IP
  2. IP Range - On selection of the IP Range from the dropdown, IP Range can be added in Web API Accessible Domain/IP or IP Range column against the selected row.

Price Integration URL: URL used to integrate the price and this URL pulls the price from the E-commerce and displays it in Artifi I-frame.

Website Environment: Just a reference to show to an environment where this is being used.


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