Website Overview

Navigate to: Admin > Website

Website in Artifi means to have a handshake between Artifi and E-commerce. Website ID is generated on creating a website in Artifi which is one of the parameters that can be used to integrate Artifi and E-commerce.

IP’s and Domains can be whitelisted to access Artifi on them. Layout captions and CSS can be modified without having access to the code. Admin users can add custom captions and CSS to overwrite default captions and CSS to display it on the designer.

  • There are different sections in Website which allows the website owner to show/hide functionality as per their users need.
  • Website details can be updated. On updating any of the details in the website and website sections, it will directly reflect it in the respective areas.
  • Website can be deleted if it is not associated with any product.
  • If the website is associated with any product then it cannot be deleted. To delete a website you will have to remove the association from the product.

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