Introduction to Magento 2.2.6

We assume that the customer has a Magento website ready and has the Artifi-Magento Module.

First section ONE TIME INSTALLATION OF PERSONALIZE MODULE will walk you through the steps required for setting up the module in magento server.

Second section ADMINISTRATION AND PRODUCT SETUP tells you the steps required for linking a product with Artifi Engine.

And the last section MODULE FUNCTIONALITY IMPACTS IN MAGENTO covers the impact or changes one will observe for Artifi products in the website, cart and admin panel.

Magento Versions Used For Testing

  • Community 2.2.6

Supported Magento Product Types

  • Simple
  • Configurable

Point to Consider

This module overrides the following views, so if any other Magento module is also trying to override any of these views then you may have to fix the conflicts between the two modules manually. Those views are:

  • Product Listing/Category Page
  • Product Detail Page
  • Shopping Cart Page
  • Checkout Success Page
  • Admin Panel - Order Page
  • Wishlist
  • Mini Cart
  • Order Details
  • Search Results
  • Customer - My Account Page
  • Product Compare Page

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