Print Image Guidelines

Print Image/Files are included in the output file. This is required if the product images need to be included in output and the print area is larger in size.

  • Print Image dimensions should always be in ratio with the print area and preview image. Meaning whatever the ratio comes out after dividing the width and height of the print area. The same remainder should come on dividing the width and height of the preview image, print image and the print area dimensions.
  • Image should be a replica of the preview images on a larger scale. It's always better to create a preview image from the high-resolution images (i.e print images) keeping the same aspect ratio.
  • If there is an expectation of a vector output, AI, EPS, SVG, SVGz or PDF the vector files like AI, EPS, SVG or PDF need to be included as a print file along with the preview images.
  • The file size should not exceed 20 MB.

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