Product Image Guidelines

Product images are the images which are small enough to show it on the browser (i.e. designer/front end) and will be used for Artifi product setup. 

  • Product Image dimensions should always be in the same ratio as the print area, if the product is a print ready product. 
  • Product Image dimensions should be between 800 pixels to 1000 pixels ratio.
  • Maximum Width or Height should not exceed 1000 pixels. That means any one side can be of 800 or 1000 pixels and another side will vary accordingly. Another side can be either 1000 pixels or it can be less than 800 pixels to maintain the aspect ratio.
  • Supported file types are PNG, JPG, JPEG, SVG and PDF. 
  • Maximum file size of an individual image should not exceed 2MB.
  • Customized/Artboard areas should be clear and blank.
  • Image should have a white background in .jpeg or .jpg format.
  • Variant images should be of the same size as that of the main image. All the variant placement should have a consistent meaning, the placement should not shake.
  • All the images that are shot with a camera should have the same size and position and overlap each other so that the user doesn’t experience any shake while selecting a color of product.

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