Artifi Personalize Plugin Settings

After activation of the plugin, you can see the personalize setting tab in the admin menu.

General Settings

There are three options 

  • Enable Personalize Options
  • Enable Personalize Button
  • Caption For Button


Enable Personalize Options

This will be checked by default because if anyhow unchecked this option the functionality of plugin will stop working.


Enable Personalize Button

There are shop page and category page in WooCommerce. If you want to show the button on those pages you will have to check this option.  


Caption For Button

Text to be displayed on the Personalize button. 


Artifi Module Settings

Below is the description of each setting:

  • Website Code - Website Id on Artifi.
  • Rest API Base Url - Url of the Artifi admin
  • WebAPI Client Key - Web API client key provided by Artifi.
  • Design API PDF Path - Web APIfor download pdf provided by Artifi.
  • Design API XML Path - Web API for download XML provided by Artifi.
  • Artifi JS - Javascript URL provided by Artifi.


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