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Artifi Dashboard gives information about various dynamic rendering services. Provide the details about the plan purchased where it shows the annual designs, storage allocated to customers in GB's, how many domains can be added, and how many products can be added in Artifi admin.

Dashboard Details:

Annual Plan: This is total number of designs that the shoppers can create annually.

Storage (GB): This is maximum storage space that we provide to Artifi users in GB. This is used to store the images, pdfs, fonts, font images, output files etc.

  •  of Domain: This is the total number of domains that the Artifi user has subscribed for.
  •  of Product: This is the maximum number of products that Artifi user can create in Artifi admin.


Also, the Artifi user can see the details of the actual utilization of the services such as:

YTD Annual Plan Utilization: This is year to date design that has been created by the shopper and added to cart.

LTD Plan Utilization: Life to Date Plan Utilization is the utilization from the start till date.

Total Storage (GB): This is the actual utilization of the space on the basis of the user uploaded store images, pdfs, fonts, font images and the output files etc.

  •    of Domain: Number of domains that have been added to Artifi admin and integrated with the E-commerce websites.
  •    of Product: This is a number of products created in Artifi.


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