Adding a User

Navigate to: Admin > Users > “Add New” Action

Users can be added from this section. Admin users have the right to create new users and assign the roles to them as per the business requirement.

Steps to Add a User:

  1. Hover on the “Admin” menu, from the top menu bar in Artifi Admin.
  2. Choose the submenu “Users” under Admin menu.solid black circle
  3. Below screen will appear.
  4. Click on the “Add New” button. Add the details in the fields that appear in the below screen.solid black circle 
  5. Save progress using the "Save" button. Users will be added.

Adding a User Details

User details can be managed by adding the below details:

First NameThis field indicates the first name of the user.
Last NameThis field indicates the last name  of the user.
Email IdThis field indicates the email address of the user by which the user will login into Artif. This is a unique email address and two users cannot be created with the same email address.
Re-Type Email IdThis field is to authenticate that the email address that you have entered is correct.
Phone NumberThis field is used for the phone number of the users.
PasswordThis is the password of the user.
Confirm PasswordThis is to authenticate the password and confirm the password added by the user is correct in the password field.

There are three types of users.

Admin: Admin user has the full rights of the Artifi Admin and can perform all Admin-related activities.

Merchandise: Merchandise user has an access only to the merchandise tab. When a merchandise user signs in Artifi, the user cannot access the Admin tab. Merchandise users can perform the activities related to only product setup.

Support: Support user don't have access to the Admin and Merchandise section. Support users can access only the report, help menu and dashboard.

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