Artifi.Update Multiple Customized Product Order Status(integrationValues)

After customizing the product in Artifi editor, one can save the product or add it to the cart. Cart lists products/items which have been selected for purchase during shopping along with their prices and the total amount.

The order status of the products present in the cart will be "Added to cart".

If user wants to place an order for the "multiple" products/items in cart, he/she will hit related button to place an order. At this time, the order status of the products needs to be changed from "Add to cart" to "Checked out".

This operation changes the order status of saved/added to cart products from "Add to cart" to "Checked out".

This method requires customized product ids whose order status is to be changed and id of the associated website. It returns the response object which contains status of the operation along with the message if any error occurs during this process.

Request Information



integrationValues should be the object and should contain the Artifi data, which will include the following values. This values are not case sensitive. 



Array of Ids of the customized (Saved/Added to cart) products. The products which are customized/designed using Artifi (Product customization tool) and saved or Added to cart is called as customized products.

Customized products will be listed in the cart and the order status of the products will be "Added to cart".

This will be the products for which user wants to place an order. Order status of this products will get changed to "Checked out" after this operation.



This is the website with which customized products are associated.

Admin user of Artifi can create one or more websites and assign products to each of the website. The Id of the website with which specified customized products are associated should be specified in this parameter.



When any company gets registered with Artifi, Artifi will generate a special and unique key for that company which will be called as client key.

This client key will be found in registered company's profile tab in Artifi Account. 

This client key will be used for client(company) authentication and will be called as WebApiClientKey. 



This is the string of the order status to be updated in Artifi.

This value need to be provided from Artifi.Constant constants only having 'orderStatus_' as suffix of the key. 



After this operation i.e., changing order status of customized products to "checked out", this operation will return the response,

if the response will be "Success", a JavaScript method, specified in this parameter will get called.

If you want to perform some operation on the success of this method, create a JavaScript method and pass name of the method in this parameter.



Similar to successCallback, you have to provide name of the JavaScript method that is to be called if this operation i.e., changing order status of the customized products fails.


Response Information

Response body formats

On Success

On success, this method will call back the JavaScript method in website which is specified in "successCallback" parameter with following information.

  "Response": "Success",
  "Message": "Order Status is/are updated successfully",
  "Data": null,
  "ErrorCode": null

On Error

On error, this method will call back to the JavaScript method in website which is specified in "errorCallback" parameter with error information.

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