Managing Client Code in Font Set

Navigate to : Merchandise > Font Family >Font Set

Steps to Manage Client Code in Font Set

In the Font set section, the Admin user enters the Client Code. There is an autocomplete dropdown that helps in identifying the existing Client code. The user may choose to search for the font of their choice then go on adding it in the Unassigned Font section and in the Assigned Font section. This feature is used to save the new font set for a particular Client Code. 

Following snippets shows the associated activities:

  • Note - The Customer needs to provide the Client code to the Artifi Admin User. The Admin user will add it in the system. Once it is added to the system it will be visible into the dropdown.

Font family 1.png

Admin user enters the Client Code and searches for the desired font name for which, the relevant options are populated in the Unassigned Fonts section as shown below:

Font family 2.png

Once the Admin user gets to choose the relevant font choice from the Unassigned Fonts section then he/she adds it into the Assigned Fonts section by clicking on the greater than an arrow (>), as indicated below:

Font family 3.png

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