Managing the Company Profile

Navigate to: Admin > Company Profile

Company contains the company details. These information are added at the time registering any company into Artifi. Company name, email, address etc is added in this section.

Steps to Update the Company Profile

1. Hover on the “Admin” menu, from the top menu bar in the Artifi admin.

2. Choose the sub menu “Company Profile” under the Admin main menu.

solid black circle

3. Update the information in the below screen.


4. Save progress using the "Save" button. The screen refreshes upon action confirmation. 

5. Company details will be updated.

Company Profile Details:

Company details can be managed by updating the below details:

Company NameRegistered company name should be added here.
CountryCountry where the company is situated.
StateState where the company is situated.
Zip CodeZip Code of the company
Company Email IdCompany email address where Artifi team can reach out for any queries.
AddressCompany Address.
CityCity where the company is located.
Company Phone NumberCompany phone number where Artifi team can reach out for any queries.
Unique Client KeyImportant: This is an auto generated key used as one of the parameters while integrating Artifi and E-commerce.

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