Division Overview

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Division is a section where a larger organization having more than one business unit, which can be managed by creating multiple divisions. It is a separation of data that doesn’t need to be shared between a business unit. For instance, if a company has two different types of business, like one is for Apparel and other is for Furniture then, both can be managed by creating two sections as divisions.

  • A division is a logical partitioning data that cannot be shared with other divisions.
  • Each division can have multiple websites.
  • All the components are placed under one division.
  • Multiple divisions can be created for a company.
  • Division name should be unique.
  • Only Admin Users have the right to access the Division section.
  • Merchandise and Support users do not have access to the Admin section.
  • Merchandise users can perform the product setup work for a particular Division that has been assigned to the user.
  • Support users don't have access to the Admin and Merchandise section.
  • Admin users can perform all the tasks like add, edit, delete of all components and can download design pdf, preview and view XML.
  • Division name can be updated. Same will reflect at all places if the division name is updated.
  • If the components are not added in a division, then it can be deleted.
  • Division cannot be deleted if there is data present in that particular division. To delete the division delete all the components that are already present in that division.

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